#FEMbruary ‘22 Sk8r Girl – Stranger Things have been known!


It’s midway through February or #FEMbruary, the month to champion the female figures in your collection, the female characters in your games and female historical figures.

The FEMbruary challenge was started four or five years ago by Alex at Lead Balloony and championed by many other mainly fantasy figure painters and gamers such as IRO Imperial Rebel Ork and superb painting by Marvin at Subterranean Militarism (sorry, that should read, Suburban Militarism).


I have several unusual female figures ‘on the go’ on the painting table this FEMbruary ’22 from history, outer space and SciFi / fantasy.

This one is a 54mm toyboarder available in a tub of boarders from Vat19 with added MDF tuppenny base from Warbases.

All painted in my shiny gloss old Tintinesque toy soldier style, complete with pink cheek dots …

One of the more unusual ones is a mini ‘Mad Max’ Mayfield (aka ‘Zoomer’) from Netflix retro 80s series Stranger Things, one of the best things I have seen on screen in the last few years.*

* Admittedly I have spent several weeks enjoying watching kitsch / bad / shameless rip off Star Wars 1970s movies from Turkey, Japan, Italy etc on YouTube, so my idea of best things is debatable. However thousands of other Netflix fans of Stranger Things would back me up on this.

Here is a quick YouTube compilation clip of MadMax’s boarding scenes by the appropriately named Copper Productions on YouTube. https://youtu.be/2mklAXJ69oI

The young teenage actress Sadie Sink playing Max had never skateboarded before Stranger Things, so the Duffer Brothers (who wrote and produced the series) had to get a couple of pro-boarders to coach her.

Max in the graffitied haunt of the DF62 crew …

But there you go, a new Sk8r Girl icon who is also ‘MadMax’, arcade game champion … a suitably feisty 21st Century female retro rerun of 1980s “youth culture”?

‘Zoomer’ becomes Max’s Dungeons and Dragons inspired RPG party role or nickname.

The background scenics are ones I flung together in July 2020 for my skateboarder game Spla-Fiti.


Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 13 February 2022

4 thoughts on “#FEMbruary ‘22 Sk8r Girl – Stranger Things have been known!”

  1. Excellent – don’t recall seeing a skater girl figure before. Mrs Marvin is a huge fan of Stranger Things. Me? I just not got round to it yet but I like the figure all the same! Got to love VAT19’s youtube video.


  2. You have a treat in store, especially if you remember the 80s / 80s movies and TV. It’s got everything – D&D, monsters, zombies, evil Stereotype 80s Russians, shady CIA dealings, small town America …


  3. Great job Mark. I enjoyed Stranger things series one but didn’t get further, ought to give it another go. My Middle Daughter is a hugh fan of it.


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