May the Fourth Be With You! International or InterGalactic Star Wars Day 2022

Some suitable reading …

What I like about this hefty hardback book is the original storyboards and early character designs for each of the first three films (IV V VI), the “original trilogy”. These are arguably (for me) the best of the nine films and the ones I saw in the cinema as an impressionable child and teenager.

Released on May 25th 1977 in the USA, Star Wars was released in Britain on 27 December 1977, so I must have seen it early in 1978. I remember the spaceship opening very very clearly!

Life changed c. 1977/78. Playground games changed, pocket money priorities changed, “must-have toys” changed, what comics you read changed; everything was space again, since the Apollo Moon landings were now over.

The silver jubilee was forgotten. Exotic looking Punks on Top of the Pops and in town now had their freakish alien rivals.

The Bionic Man and Bionic Woman and the Fembots now also had their rivals in the form of droids and space heroes and intergalactic villains.

Time-travelling Doctor Who’s bad guys like Daleks and Cybermen suddenly had planet-killing alien rivals and evil empires.

Who you were in your childhood street, garden and playground games changed.

Even childhood pinups changed when blonde crime fighting TV princesses in Charley’s Angels and The Bionic Woman with their Farrah Flicks suddenly had feisty gutsy dark haired Star Wars Space princesses to contend with.

Action Man and my Airfix figures had their first serious rival, although Airfix (slowly) responded by film two in 1981, producing their own odd Space Warriors figures and carrying a short-lived range of Star Wars kits.

For me, Rogue One is the best of the standalone spin-off films and series. Before we geek out on this listing business, back to my book choice, here’s the back cover of this lovely book with an early sketch of Darth Vader (top right).

You’ve seen my bashed original childhood Star Wars action figures before on International Star Wars Day. That’s where my non-Airfix pocket money went in the late 1970s and early 80s. One month’s pocket money each! Priceless, not worth much but I still have every single one of my original ones today (some seen below).

But enough, where are the proper toy soldiers you ask?

You’ve seen my Close Little Space Wars Games in the Back Yarden with a wellsian 54mm mix of plastic Star Wars and Pound Store Space Warriors figures.

Previously on May the 4th …

This year’s offerings for May the 4th? My bashed up metal 54mm plus sized figures, bashed enough at some point to deserve a shiny toy soldier gloss repaint.

Boba Fett – the recent Disney Star Wars The Mandalorion and Book Of Fett Series were both quite enjoyable.

Marked on the bases “1994 Lucasfilm Ltd Made in China Kenner” and figure reference number.

One Wookie minus its laser cross bow bolt rifle thingy, one Luke Skywalker minus light sabre laser sword in his training pilot suit from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (along with Boba Fett).

And for some reason, two Han Solos … they were part of a job lot of figures.

Maybe one Han can become a cowboy … Star Wars and its spin off series being ‘space wild western’ movie?

Happy International Star Wars Day 2022!

What are your best Star Wars memories, moment, movies or merchandising?

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN on International Star Wars Day, May the 4th 2022

DMZ Demilitarised blog posts resume tomorrow until real world hostilities cease. Snowball fights on Ice Planet Hoth, anyone?


Not enough Star Wars geekery for one blogpost? We can do this all over again on my Man Of TIN Blogaversary and Geek Pride Day, both of which happen every May the 25th:


Previously on International Star Wars Day







8 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You! International or InterGalactic Star Wars Day 2022”

  1. It’s always nice to see some of the original Star Wars action figures.
    Hopefully we’ll get to see your 54mm Star Wars miniatures in action again, especially as they now have a few new additions. Just a shame that the only figure of Leia in the 54mm Star Wars Command range is of her disguised as the bounty hunter, Bouush (can’t remember the correct spelling of said bounty hunter).


    1. I’m very pleased to have kept these individual action figures over the years seeing as they cost me hard earned (pocket) money as a youngster!
      The only Leia figure I have in this scale is the 2007 30th anniversary Battlepacks Commanders Set.


  2. Great to see your figures and a fascinating book too. Due to the Mandalorian and Bobba Fett l have watched more Star Wars this past year than ever before. It is the quirky detail and world building that enchants me. I really liked the paintings/pictures at the end of Bobba Fett. I assume they were the concept art. I enjoyed mentally comparing them with the programme that was just ending.
    Talking of visuals I was most taken by Luc Besson’s “Valerian…” which was on film four the other night. He took world builds wonderfully. I have quite a few space port figures in 28mm , l ought to get them out and give them a paint job…


    1. I like the grungy world building too! It’s not shiny science fiction. There are books of the Star Wars concept art by Ralph Macquarrie, more like the Boba Fett endtitles. I shall have to keep an eye out for Valerian.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good memories. Being a bit older than you I suspect, Star War did not have quite the same impact on me. In fact I rather prefer the original Battlestar Galactica film that I recall seeing at the cinema very early in 1980. However I do agree these films brought a totally different , more down to earth !!!!! realism to sci-fi. Of course at the time everyone expected mankind to be on other planets long before 2000. Just what have we been doing over the past 50 years ??? It seems we have made so little progress in that time bearing in mind how much was achieved in less than 10 years in the 60’s. Regards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the reason we have not made it to other planets in our own solar system, other than with unmanned probes, is that there has not been the motivation there was with the space race during the Cold War. The lunar landings were very expensive. Mars is also considerably further away than the Moon and there are issues of even being able to keep humans alive for the duration of such a journey.

      As for sending humans to planets in other star systems, like Proxima b, it is debatable whether it is even practical to travel close to the speed of light to achieve that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure we can all suggest a list of certain humans to be sent to planets in other star systems – “I’ve got a little list and none of them be missed” (The Mikado)

        When they feature the Apollo moon landings, I am amazed how basic and mechanical the engineering and comms was and how likely it was that it could have gone fatally wrong. Brave Men indeed (often former Test Pilots)!

        I also like the golden disc of life of sounds and music on earth (Voyager?)

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I enjoyed Battlestar Galactica just as much as Star Wars. I enjoyed re-reading the novelisation recently and the 2004/5 Reboot that was on BBC IPlayer recently.

      The Galactica action figures and model kits didn’t seem to be around as much In the UK.

      I have a soft spot for Disney’s The Black Hole as well – a couple of floating R2D2 comedy robots, John Barry (James Bond type) score, killer mech guard robots and a mystery element of a lost barely manned Marie Celeste type ship. I only saw Alien for the first time this year, as I never caught it on release. Probably too young …
      Star Wars brought imaginative space travel back into the picture(s) after the abandonment of the 60s space programme. Growing up with a healthy dose of shiny Gerry Anderson SuperMarionation of Thunderbirds and Space 1999, I too expected that Humankind would had been more shiny and techy and advanced by 2022.
      I would have been amazed as a child at what an IPad or iPhone allows you to do, see etc. at the touch (screen) swipe of a button.

      Instead in 2022 we seem to have ground to a halt with celebrity / executive (barely into orbit) space travel, a ramshackle International Space Station (and a pitifully stupid thuggish Eastern European Rerun of the Cold War and WW2).

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