My Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Parade 1

Parade panorama – Broken down into smaller sections below.

This small parade is made up of a few of my childhood plastic and Britain’s Deetail figures that have now been paraded by several generations of my family,

along with other lead, aluminium and plastic figures from various makers since collected and from travels all over Britain, some still in need of repair,

and some homecasts that I have made and painted. All mostly 54mm.

Can you spot my homecast avatar Man of TIN saluting?

I ran out of space on the mantelpiece , so couldn’t fit on all my redcoats, pipers, and all. Then there’s the unpainted plastic …

More Guards and Jubilee fun of chocolate boxes, cake toppers, toffee tins and other Guards Toy Soldier stuff in part two of this post this weekend.

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN on Platinum Jubilee Day, Thursday 2nd June 2022

12 thoughts on “My Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Parade 1”

  1. Will have to break out my plastic redcoats guard set. I think I recognize the Queen in the top pictures – I had a commemorative Britain’s colour guard as a kid (four metal figures, with plastic weapons and flags), and her inspecting the guard was another set on the box.


  2. Yes, spotted the saluting bloke. I always love the ceremonial figures. Of course, they fight in my wargames, same as all the rest.


    1. Good spotting in our Jubilee “Wheres Wally?” style spot Man of TIN contest.
      As in real life, few of these red coats are ceremonial only. You can see plentiful medals on chests. The bandsmen are often also medics IRL etc.


  3. Excellent parade. I confess I had a handful of Britains guardsmen (and my daughter’s a not-to-scale Hello Kitty Guardsbear) on duty for our own celebrations!


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