Haworth Will Fall: Stranger Things, Yarkshire Folklore and the Brontes

The latest NOTflix series … Stranger Things ‘Ave ‘Appened or Been Known.


Four children sit in a darkened room, playing at a long time running game of fantastical characters and warriors battling Good and Evil in mythical lands …

Is this the opening scenes of a Dungeons and Dragons game in the cult TV Netflix series Stranger Things set in Hawkins, Indiana?

Image / Screenshot source: BBC

Or is it the opening of Bronte drama To Walk Invisible, set in Haworth, Yorkshire?

When you live near The Moors (as in “Don’tGoUpOnThe Moors”), and in a gloomy Parsonage next to a Graveyard in the Gritty North … anything can happen!

Are they living in England’s Green and Pleasant Land … or its Dark Satanic Mills on the edge of the Industrial Revolution … the demons of drink … and social unrest?

Image source (two images above): IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5594080/

The BBC TV drama To Walk Invisible opens with a section of the Bronte children adventuring inside their minds or in their play world, discovering the wooden box of soldiers coming to life, the wooden soldiers that first inspired their play: https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/brontes-waterloo-soldiers/


The Bronte Babe Blog is not the usual place you would expect an Airfix generation gamer of a certain age to hang out, but then you would be forgetting that some of the easiest role playing gamers were the Bronte children.

Now with Stranger Things final series 5 two years away from release, I shall have to make my own entertainment.

I shall have to tell stories to pass the darkening nights, filling my time with the adventures of three highly imaginative girls and their talents but troubled brother,

fuelled as they were on dark tales of Yarkshire folklore by servants like Tabby Ackroyd and even Cornish folklore through the Bronte’s mother and her West Cornwall connections.

Battling lack dogs or boggarts or whatever Dark Forces, the three Bronte Sisters:


… and with brother Branwell, battling each other and their own “demons”.

There is a whole section of my Man Of TIN gaming blog for the Bronte Imagi-Nations work so far …


Along with my current non-lethal Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop Project, this should give me further chance to explore character and monster creation in personalised gaming, on the edge of Role-playing and Fantasy Games.

Naturally in the company of the world’s first Dungeon masters or Role Playing Gamers, The Brontes.

Haworth Will Fall?

A few minutes on Edit and Mark Up to create this NOTflix future classic publicity poster. To be shown on Yarkshire Television?

This post was inspired by a Facebook post by the Bronte Babe on some very familiar reading for her next project:

The Bronte Babe writes: “The beginning of a new project. What we could it be?”

I’m not sure I got the answer she was looking for 🙂

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 20 August 2022

Don’t Go Up On The Moors!


5 thoughts on “Haworth Will Fall: Stranger Things, Yarkshire Folklore and the Brontes”

  1. Excellent home grown entertainment by Notflix! Do let us know if an answer is forthcoming..
    I was talking to a fellow guide the other day who is in the John Buchan society about about our favourite book by the author. Interestingly we both said Witchwood. It made me think of the rich realm of Scottish folklore waiting for scouts etc to encounter…


    1. Scottish Folklore would be interesting – being ‘close’ to the border I am sure there are folklore crossovers between Yarkshire folklore and Scottish folklore. The Bronte Sisters and Branwell are also going to visit my and their ancestral part of west Cornwall
      (General advice: Don’t Go Up On The Moors)
      I don’t know that John Buchan book, only Greenmantle and Thirty Nine Steps. I bought but did not get far into The Courts Of the Morning about the Chaco type Wars after a positive review of the book and maps by Bob Cordery (free paperback available …)
      I think that I need to get some kilted Scout conversions (to be done with tissue paper and PVA without looking too much like the Girl Guide long skirt conversions). Incidentally I have random photos of a 1920s Scout Camp in Scotland to post soon.
      So an overlapping NOTFlix Stranger Thinges coalition or overlap – although the Bronte characters are in Bad Squiddo (her Viking Little Vixens or Wolves characters) child scaled versions Of 28mm and the Scouts and Guides studying for their Fabulous Beasts badge are in 42mm scaled down child size – some inbetween scale beasts and monsters required maybe? What is a boggart in 28mm is a smaller goblin in 42mm maybe …
      I am surprised so far in the Netflix Prime Disney bonnets and period drama / epic saga / world of Game of Thrones, Bridgestone, Poldarke etc etc no one has optioned Celia Rees’ Glass Town Wars or the Bronte Juvenilia … with its mixed race cast, dynasties, strong female characters etc … and bonnets.


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