Lacrosse Stick St. Trinian’s and Boy Scouts – Invasion Be Blowed!

Meet “Lizzo” Lacrosse- Stick, latest figure conversion addition to the St Trinian’s schoolgirl Guide patrol for my Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop Project:

I have not posted so many posts on my normal Man Of TIN or Man Of TIN Two posts recently, as much of my recent posting, figure conversion and painting (post Ukraine crisis) has been on my (DMZ Demilitarised) Scouting Wide Games Project blog site:

Other posts on this Scouting Wide Games blog have been about recent postcard arrivals in my collection such as this “Invasion Be Blowed!” WW1 era comic schoolboy scout (surely a forerunner for Bluebottle from the 1950s radio The Goon Show?)

I hope to capture some of this individual ‘character’ in figure painting and conversions, although starting with the same basic LBB30 figure in 42mm scale / range.

I am so far resisting the lure of the new 30mm MLS Tintinesque range of Mark’s Little Soldiers designed by Mark Copplestone but I was interested in his recent Miniature Wargames October 2022 interview. He talked about designing a restricted number of identical figure poses for units with that classic toy soldier look, rather than the increasing trend for more realistic multipose individual figures. Mark Copplestone had an indirect input into the ideas behind the Little Britons / Shiny Toy Soldiers 42mm Range (of which LBB30 Boy Scout is part) designed by Aly Morrison.

Also recently arrived have been some great uniform reference and charming Scout and Guide photograph postcards such as these Salvation Army Lifesaving Girl Guards from Exeter:

I have researched and added a whole page on this blog for this little known distinctive grey clad Salvation Army Scout and Guide group.

Urban Wide Games backdrop of ‘Old Industrial Town’ from some surprisingly cheeky Peco scenic sheets.

Previously on Scouting Wide Games

If you’ve not read this Scouting Wide Games blog recently, we’ve also shown Paper Scouts, Princess Guides, pigeons and planes …

Canadian Girl Guides’ real life camping adventure in WW2 of spies and submarines:


Overall, an interesting few weeks / months developing and researching the Demilitarised DMZ Civilian Snowballing and Scouting Wide Games Project.

Don’t miss the Duchy Of Tradgardland’s Blog, co-creator or contributor of some of the rules and ideas towards the Wide Games and snowball fight games, in amongst the new MLS figures:

Posted by Mark Man of TIN, 1970s Cub Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired) at 8 / 9 October 2022

5 thoughts on “Lacrosse Stick St. Trinian’s and Boy Scouts – Invasion Be Blowed!”

  1. Lizzo has worked well.
    Native Americans ,who l believe invented lacrosse , often had fatalities in their massive games.


    1. Thanks for the links – lacrosse and its Native American origins and players still today is a whole Youtube rabbit hole to fall down. How it swapped over to become an elite private school ladies sport is quite strange!


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