The Recorded Voice Of H.G. Wells

I had read that H.G. Wells had quite a distinctive high-pitched voice and as he lived into the 1940s, I wondered if a recording of Wells existed?

I found on Youtube a 1931 recording of Wells talking.

Clip can be found at:

Further film and sound footage British Pathe of a now elderly Wells talking in 1940 about the possible entry of America into the Second World War:


British Pathe clip (1930s?) of Wells talking to publisher Frank Nelson Doubleday at:

Obviously this is Wells in his sixties and in the final decades of his life, but interesting to hear the author of Floor Games and Little Wars speak.

Blog post by Mark Man Of TIN Blog on 11 March 2023


5 thoughts on “The Recorded Voice Of H.G. Wells”

  1. Mark, excellent finds. Having known of the man since l was at school , when “War of the Worlds “ was a set book , it is fascinating to finally hear him speak. I imagined him talking about Little Wars as part of the game whilst Watch the clips…


  2. Good research. The recording technology of the time makes everyone sound much the same I think, tinny and high pitched, its a great shame….Regards.


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